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cookie_froggie's Journal

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this is the beginning of a fairytale
of you vs me

The Bubbles everything is connected, everything has reasons why, raise your eyebrows and point your eyeballs against these of mine, and you will know that understanding is so subjective and unkind, while miss understanding and miss misery are the two ladies that are always there in our heads, playing poker in our brains... and the most important thing is that, they you so much, and they wont let you go.

funny, sometimes we just got to be hurt, and when we were hurt, we learn better. to learn to forgive and to learn to forget and how to forget things that we just could never forget, while we are here to overhaul our souls, and that is the truth, nothing but the truth... the truth about life, it's so sweet just like sugar that we are advised not to take so much.

everything is connected. just like a gasoline to a car, a car to a mind, a mind to drive, to drive the truth, truth about you and i and everyone of us. it's time to fill our tank with knowledge and fight!


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